About Us

Calder’s Wine Cellar is a family owned and operated craft winemaking facility in Abbotsford, BC. All wines made at Calder’s Wine Cellar include wine kit yielding (30-750ml – bottles not included), corks, labels, shrink wraps, and all the taxes.

For a small fee we also provide:

  • 750ml Bordeaux Style Bottles
  • 375ml Bordeaux Style Bottles
  • Beer Bottles
  • Cans

Why choose Calder’s Wine Cellar?

  • Member of RJS Academy
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We offer a diverse range of products to fit every budget
  • We offer a clean, spacious, and modern winemaking facility
  • Expert and friendly advice
  • Easy-to-use, modern, and efficient winemaking equipment
  • Temperature controlled fermentation room
  • Automatic bottle washer
  • Automated wine bottle filling machines
  • Pneumatic corking machines
  • Plenty of free parking